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Sunday, 4 February 2018

[FIX]] Test Point Method to flash Bricked Mi A1

Hei Mi A1 fans,

What's cooking with your Android One device? This the third volume for my "ifelixit" series. Mi A1 was selected for the Android One which is Purely Android firmware and not running MIUI. As a fan of MIUI knowingly knows they will bricked their devices if they try to flash Mi 5X ROM or Ported ROM on it. Despite all the risks, they still love the MIUI experience. Given a Bricked Mi A1 or failing to boot after a disastrous flashing, leaving the user with non-functional phone, that is, fastboot or recovery cannot be attain at all. 

The holidays is round the corner, and lets get a solution quick to get it PC detected to flash the Official desiganted ROM back on your partially dead Mi A1. Hence, what is the last resort before going to the service center. The ultimate solution is Test Point Method, which is to short-circuit the resistor to ground and get the PC to recognize the phone in Emergency Download (EDL) mode. I would not be recommending any Deep Flasher Cable (DFC), eventhough I was the first to use it effectively, even before there is a tutorial made on the MIUI Forum since the circuitry of the DFC is different for different Mi devices.Let's kick in the Test Point Method...

  • Anti-static angle tweezer
  • Plastic Crowbar
  • Plastic Prying Tools
  • Plastic Antistatic Crowbar
  • 1.5 Philips screw driver
Firstly, we start off with swtiching off your phone, then remove the Hybrid SIM tray with the ejector pin.

Next, we need to dismantle the phone by unscrewing the bottom two screws using a 1.5 Philips screw driver.

Followed by, unplugging the battery terminal connector.

Next, we deal with the Test Point for those having issue with their PC/Laptop not detecting Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008 under the Ports (COM & LPT) on their Device Manager.

Assuming, the phone has been pried opened. Here is the effective points.

Step One:
Remove Battery connector.

Step Two:
Use a sharp pointed Angle Tweezer and short the Test points below.

Note: Advisable keep your PC sound level loud, which will help you to know of the activity of the connection.


Step One:
Immediately plug in your USD DATA Cable while keeping the Test Points short properly, and your PC/Laptop will notify you of a new device being connected and it will download the necessary driver for the Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008 under the Ports (COM & LPT) on the Device Manager as shown below:

Step Two:
Remove the Angle Tweezer. Thereafter, launch your Mi Flash Tool, as shown below:

That's it for the third series of "ifelixit". Stay tuned for the Ported MIUI ROM for MI A1. Coming soon for the MIUI-ers.

DISCLAIMER: DO ON YOUR OWN RISK. Flashing can potentially bricked or bootloop your device.

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