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Thursday, 21 April 2016

[ROM][stable V3]Cyanogenmod 13 (6.0.1) --Bluetooth Working for MMX U2 MT6582 BY VIKAS YADAV 21 APRIL BUILD

Cyanogenmod 13 (6.0.1) ROM for MMX U2

MMX U2 one of the most successful smartphone of 2014-15,MMX U2 received official Android lollipop update in late 2015 as promised by the company. However there is no sign of Android Marshmallow official update for this device. Many of you might have already rooted your device & might be flipping through ROMs or trying to get Marshmallow features in your device. Well your wait is finally over, thanks to VIKAS_YADAV for spending his time in porting CM 13 (Cyanogenmod 13) for MMX U2. You might come across some minor bugs as this is not an official port. (Android M 6.0.1 update for MMX U2)

ROM details:
  • ROM OS Version: 6.0.1 Marshmallow
  • ROM Kernel: Linux 3.4.x
  • Status: Stable V3

Prerequisites before Installing CM 13 ROM:

  • Carliv Touch Recovery (CTR) v3.0
  • Device charged upto 50%  to avoid shutdown during the flashing process.
  • Functioning Human Brain.
  • Backup all your important data so that if in case anything goes wrong, you can switch back to stock ROM & restore the backup data.
  • Required ROM file & GApps package (At the end of post)

Screenshots of CM13 for MMX U2:
Step 1: Download the ROM file & GApps package from the links at the bottom of the post. Make sure you use a proper download manager & good internet connection to avoid data corruption while downloading files.
Step 2: Transfer the downloaded zip files in your Internal storage & boot into recovery. You can boot into recovery mode by two methods, Use any Recovery (Recommended: CTR, Philiz)
  1. Download Rebooter App from Google Play Store & grant root access. Launch the app & select, Reboot to recovery.
  2. Switch off your device, Press and hold Vol UP + Home + Power button simultaneously. Leave the keys after 5 secs.
Step 3: Once you have booted into recovery mode, Optional: Go to “Backup & Restore” and select System, data, boot.
Step 4: Now its time to flash CM 13 in Micromax unite 2 But before doing that, go to Wipe (in TWRP Recovery) & select cache, system & swipe to confirm.
Step 5: Go to Recovery Homescreen & click on Install. Select the CM 13 ROM for Micromax unite 2 zip from the list of files. Swipe to confirm flashing. This might take around 5mins.
Step 6: Once you have completed flashing the ROM, flash the GApps package by again going into Install and locate the GApps zip file. Swipe to confirm & you’re done with Installation part.
Step 7: Now clear cache & boot your device. First boot might take sometime so no need to panic.

Download CM 13 (Android M) for MMX U2 ;)

Credits :
Ajit Guraya
Fire855 - The legend is back, made CM13 for MT6592 stable and bootable. Major thanks
Ferhung - Another legend
John Reniel - Made this ROM easily portable and bootable
Christopher Mark
Himura Rudyanto

Suraj Lad

To enable root access, Goto Developer options (Settings>About Phone>Tap build no. 7 times)>Root accessPlease don’t complain about known bugs.


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